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New parents and those who are about to have a baby are often highly motivated to seek employment or a better-paying job. When individuals are unable to find a job that pays a living wage, they cannot provide for their children, placing stress on the family.

Work Ready Oklahoma (WRO) serves many new and expecting parents enrolled in the Family Expectations (FE) program. Under the leadership of Public Strategies, Family Expectations has become one of the nation’s highest regarded—and highest performing—family strengthening programs.

Am I Eligible?

For this particular portion of Work Ready Oklahoma services, only active Family Expectations program participants are eligible. However, if you are a new or expecting parent and you and your partner are interested in Family Expectations, visit our website or call (405) 639-2054.


Couple with baby meeting with family support coach

Trainer teaching participants

Training Workshops

WRO employment services available to Family Expectations participants include the Training and Opportunity Preparation Service (TOPS) and Job Club. Our TOPS work readiness workshop includes soft-skills development and has been shown to help participants gain key workplace competencies.

Job Club provides a forum for participants to exchange ideas and benefit from peer support in an environment focused on helping individuals achieve employment success.

Hiring Through Work Ready Oklahoma

Family Expectations helps individuals build strong communication and interpersonal skills. This, combined with the career readiness skills taught through Work Ready Oklahoma, results in job candidates with a clear understanding of how to work as a team and succeed professionally. Learn more about our FREE employment services available to companies.


For Current Family Expectations Participants

All active Family Expectations program participants can receive free career and job readiness services through Work Ready Oklahoma.


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